Congo Trip 2015

During the late summer of 2013, I read the book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. That fall, one of the Elders in our church told of the women of Panzi, a suburb of Bukavu, DRC, and how they had been brutally raped as an act of war, and then […]

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Hillary’s Reflections on the Congo Trip

If I were to summarize my experiences in Bukavu, I would say that the Democratic Republic of Congo is a breathtaking and captivating country with beautiful, hospitable, resilient people. They stand in stark contrast with the striking amount of poverty and loss.









The first morning in Bukavu, I awoke to beautiful singing coming from a […]

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Congo Trip 2014

The eastern portion of the Congo has been in conflict off and on since 1996, and with 5.4 million people dead, it is the bloodiest conflict since World War II. A city of around a million people, Bukavu has historically been a bit safer than the outlying regions, so many people (particularly the victims […]

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