Individual Therapy

Talk therapy is based on relationships. We aim to place you with a therapist with whom you can develop a positive relationship of trust and honesty. In the context of that relationship, we examine the thoughts and actions that impact your life and help you to make changes.


Marriage Therapy

Like individual therapy, couples therapy is framed up on a relationship of trust and honesty. We work to help couples address areas in which they can grow and change both as individuals and a couple, and learn to increase their acceptance of one another.


Family Therapy

We believe that individual symptoms are often a part of systemic  problem, and that addressing the individual symptom may not address the root problem. We find that working with parents, families, and couples can address these core problems and give the family system resource for dealing with future issues.


Neurofeedback is direct training of the brain, which then learns to function with greater control and stability. We observe the brain in action from moment to moment. We show that information back to the person in the form of a video game or movie. And we reward the brain through the game for changing its own activity to more appropriate patterns.


Quantitative EEG (qEEG)

In qEEGs, we record 19 channels of EEG for a short period of time with eyes open and eyes closed (generally 5-10 minutes of each). We then compare that EEG recording to a database of EEG recordings of healthy individuals of the same age. The recording can tell us if particular areas of the brain are over- or under-active, how each area of the brain is communicating with the other areas, and the speed of that communication. Additionally, we use a technology called LORETA (low resolution electromagnetic tomography) to see where any abnormal signals at the surface of the brain may have originated deeper in the brain.